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Knock, Knock: The Best Doors for Your Tiny House

Single Walnut Door

Homes under 600-square feet have distinct needs when it comes to doors. First, the doors must be compact to avoid wasting square footage. Second, the doors must be solid and secure. After all, this is your home, and you want it to be safe. When shopping for doors for your tiny-home, office, or workspace, consider these popular options.

Entry Door

It is not uncommon to customize the front door of your tiny home, as these often involve non-standard sizes. Whenever possible, adjust your plans to include standard-size doors to make it much easier to find doors in the styles and designs you want. This also ensures a front door that is in proportion to your home that swings in and out, which won't eat up any of your interior square-footage.  

Bathroom Door

Naturally, you will want some type of door for your bathroom. Just because you live in a tiny house, interior doors are not a moot issue. Perhaps the logical solution in smaller spaces is found with bathroom sliding doors, often seen in custom tiny homes under 600 feet. These are a stylish and space-saving alternative to doors that swing out.  

Privacy Doors

Depending on the layout and purpose of your tiny house, it might be prudent to install privacy doors. Since space is always something to consider, look at thin Japanese-inspired doors or sliding doors that utilize tracks above the doorframe. Both options are space-conscious and won't interfere with the living areas in your home.


If you want to hide your clutter and put some doors on your closets, then pocket doors are a viable option. Pocket doors are sliding doors that vanish from view when opened. Pocket doors are frequently seen in homes for an architectural detail or simply when there is no room for a conventional swinging, hinged door in the space.  

Door Considerations

It makes good sense to carefully consider your tiny house plans in terms of the doors that you will use. Don't make the mistake of thinking about your doors as an afterthought. Don't forget that you will need to move belongings, furniture, and other items in and out of your tiny home. Make sure that your front door will accommodate this. A tiny doorway could cause issues later on.

Interior doors are viable for some tiny homes for utility as a front door, but know that this is not necessarily the best option for non-permanent or mobile tiny homes. Bad weather, rough terrain, or vandals could easily damage or destroy hollow interior doors that are not made to hold-up to such rigors.

Additionally, try to look for doors in unconventional venues. Many may be able to be sized or trimmed by a reliable installation professional. Visit thrift stores, yard sales, and junk-yards to find unique doors that could be restored or customized to work in your tiny home.

Finally, when it comes to doors with glass panes, always buy those with tempered glass. If you plan on taking your tiny home on the road, then tempered glass won't break as easily during motion or vibrations during travel.  

There is a misconception that tiny homes do not warrant separation of spaces with doors. While this may be the case in some homes, carving distinct areas out of your floorplan often merits an actual door. Talk to your builder or contractor about viable options for your specific floorplan.

Before choosing the doors for your tiny home, visit Anderson Door Company to find the space-saving solutions that you need for houses under 600-square feet. Our knowledgeable sales team can point you in the right direction while providing extraordinary doors that complement and fit your home — regardless of the size.


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