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Sheltering Storm Doors in Clinton Township, Michigan

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Protection From Whatever Awaits

Storm doors create a protective barrier between your entry door and the outside world. This additional protection from the elements will keep your entry door looking its best whatever the weather. Storm doors also provide an additional barrier to increase insulation, keeping energy bills lower and helping to regulate temperatures in your home. Depending on your style, storm doors can offer privacy, air circulation, natural light and aesthetic appeal. 

Functionality for Your Needs

Storm doors come in a wide variety of styles and designs based on your individual preferences and needs. Learning more about the four primary styles of storm doors will help you to get started. 

Full-View Doors

Full-view storm doors are made primarily out of glass. They allow you to enjoy natural light, show off your home’s interior and enjoy the view from the comfort of your home. These doors are stylish, clean and perfect for displaying a beautiful entry door and home or being able to enjoy the outside.   

Mid-View Storm Doors

Mid-view storm doors are designed with three-quarters of the door made of glass or mesh top and the last quarter a solid bottom. This design is perfect for enjoying natural sunlight, ventilation and a view from your home, while still providing the stability needed for frequent foot traffic. 

High-View Storm Doors

High-view storm doors are built for durability. These doors have glass or screens on their top halves, allowing for some light and ventilation, but they are primarily designed to sustain frequent use. If you have a home with high foot traffic, high-view doors are the perfect fit.  ​

Safety From the Storm

Whether you have high or low foot traffic or you want durability or decadence, storm doors are the perfect addition to a home. Talk to an Anderson Door Company of Michigan representative today to find protection and style for your home.