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Striking Entry Doors in Clinton Township, Michigan

Create a Great First Impression

Wooden Door - Door Company in Clinton Township, MI
An entry door is often the first thing visitors notice in your home. Having the perfect entry door gives you a chance to show your guests what to expect inside. As a literal outward expression, an entry door can provide the perfect first impression to family, friends, guests and even strangers just passing by. 
But perhaps most importantly, an entry door is for you. These doors are the first and last part of your home that you interact with every day. An entry door can be an encouragement to do your best today, a comforting welcome home after a long day or anything in between. ​​

A Door for Your Needs

Anderson Door Company of Michigan knows that as charming and personable as an entry door can be, it first and foremost needs to work for your needs. Familiarizing yourself with the three main styles of entry doors will help you to get started on picking the perfect door for you.

Wood Doors

Entry doors made from wood are elegant and give a home a traditional and sophisticated feel. These doors are heavy, sturdy and secure, and they provide great insulation. Wooden doors are often quite expensive, however, and can be difficult to maintain. Depending on the weather, they may require regular paint or stain and have the potential to rot or warp.

Steel Doors

Steel entry doors are perfect for security, durability and strength. These doors are resistant to force, dents, bends, fire, warping and cracking. They are also highly energy-efficient and can help to save money on utility bills. 

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors come in a wide variety of wood grain options, creating the aesthetics of wood without the weight or cost. Fiberglass is also easy to maintain and energy-efficient, helping to lower bills and keep temperatures consistent in your home.
Regardless of your door preferences, trust Anderson Door Company of Michigan to get what you need and want for your home.