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Dock Leveling and Repairs in Clinton Township, Michigan

Door Repair - Door Company in Clinton Township, MI

What Is  Dock Leveling?

A loading dock in a commercial or industrial building is an area where goods are typically loaded or unloaded. Each loading dock also contains a dock leveler, which is an adjustable platform used as a bridge between the dock and the vehicle being loaded. As the name indicates, a dock leveler works to keep the area even, creating a smooth transition between truck and warehouse.

Dock Shock

When dock levelers are out-of-date, not working properly or not installed right, loading and unloading can become dangerous. Workers, particularly if they are operating a forklift, can experience something known as dock shock. This shock is a jarring or rattling feeling created by bumps, gaps and other misalignments.
Dock shock can be dangerous to workers, particularly when it is experienced regularly. Frequent shaking and vibrating can cause headaches, back problems and neck injuries. This shock can be a hazard to equipment and supplies as well. 
Instability during transportation can cause damage to a product, especially if it is fragile or sensitive to movement. Vibration also increases the risk of product spillage, causing wasted time or possibly even product damage. Frequent shaking also puts extra and unnecessary strain on loading equipment, causing it to wear out faster

Let Us Help

Anderson Door Company of Michigan knows that employee and product safety is your top priority. We offer dock leveling and repair services to help you make the most out of your warehouse. Contact us for a free estimate or for any dock leveler-related needs.