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How to Choose a Wooden Front Door for Your Home

Wood is considered an elegant and sophisticated choice for any construction in your house. For the entryway door, wood offers a traditional welcome. Even though wooden entry doors are such a classic, you have many different options in styles and, of course, the wood itself. Find out how to choose or even design a wooden front door that complements your house.

Measure the Entryway

You should probably get the basics out of the way first; in this case, the size of the doorway hole. Typically, standard exterior doors are between 32 to 36 inches wide and 80 inches tall. However, single doorways can be as narrow as 30 inches or as wide as 42 inches, while their heights can range between 78 to 96 inches. Double doors can be between 60 to 72 inches wide.

Check the Doorframe for Damage

In that vein, if you're replacing a door rather than choosing one for a new build, you'll want to inspect the doorframe. Doorframes are typically constructed of wood, and they can be susceptible to rot. Angie's List recommends inspecting the surface of the wood by poking it with a screwdriver — if the wood is soft, it's probably rotten and will need repairing before you hang the new door.
Even if there's no rot in the doorframe, examine it and the threshold for other damage, such as cracks or dents. You'll want to repair these before installing your shiny new door otherwise the aesthetic effect will be lessened.

Evaluate your House's Style

Once you have the basics and repairs out of the way, it's time to start considering the style of your front door. A wooden door can complement any style of house as long as you match the detailing.
Naturally, historically-styled homes typically require classic front doors. That said, a Victorian house looks good with double panes of glass, especially leaded or stained glass. Georgian front doors can feature a small row of glass panes at the top or all-wood panes. Cape Cod entry doors are often simple with the paneling taking center stage.
Any kind of ranch, farmhouse, or Craftsman house will look good with a Craftsman style door, which features trimmed paneling and one or two rows of glass panes.
While metal and glass are common choices for modern front doors, you can utilize wood for contemporary homes as well. You'll want a minimalist approach with emphasis on lines and geometry. For example, imagine a wooden front door with a vertical row of glass panes instead of horizontal.

Choose a Color

Along with style, the color of your front door will impact its appearance. You have a fair amount of leeway in choosing the door color with relation to house style. For example, an intricate Craftsman door can be left naturally stained or painted a bright color and still complement the house's façade.
If you're considering a colored front door, think about the impact you want it to make. Naturally, a bright front door is a focal point. However, you can create an attractive complement with a subtle color, like one that matches the trim in your house. This setup is ideal if your front door already makes an impact, say by being oversized.

Pick the Wood

Stock wooden doors typically consist of a sandwich of wood-veneer over an engineered wood core. These doors are budget-friendly and durable, but you have fewer customization options.
Solid wooden doors usually contain hardwood, often pine, oak, or redwood with cherry, maple, and walnut as upgrades. If you're not leaving your door naturally stained, there's no reason to choose one of the luxury woods.
Choose a wood so that your front door provides a beautiful complement to your house's façade. Visit Anderson Door Co Of Michigan for help choosing or designing a wooden front door for your home.


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