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Advantages of Storm Doors

Despite the many benefits they provide, storm doors aren't installed on the front doors of all homes. If you own a home that doesn't have a storm door mounted in its front doorway, here are the benefits that one would provide.
Protection From the Elements
The primary benefit storm doors offer is protection for the front door. A storm door goes in front of the front door to shield it from the elements. Rain, snow, sleet, and hail will strike the storm door rather than the main door. If the elements cause and damage, they'll damage the storm door — which is much less expensive to repair or replace than the main front door would be.

Insulation From Heat and Cold
During both winter and summer, storm doors can be fitted with glass to provide added insulation from extreme temperatures. The glass itself won't do a lot to insulate your home, but the layer of air trapped between the main door and storm door will be an effective temperature buffer.
The two doors will work much like a double-pane window, which traps air between two layers of glass and provides much more insulation than a single-pane window. The difference is that the two doors are trapping air rather than two pieces of glass and the amount of air trapped is greater — which only increases how well it insulates against cold and heat.
Fresh Air From Outside
When the temperatures outside are pleasant, the glass a storm door's glass can be replaced with a screen. The main door can then be left open while the storm door remains latched closed. Fresh air can flow into the house, improving the air quality inside and letting any odors that have built up dissipate. Insects won't come in, as the screen will block them.
Natural Light From the Sun
With either a glass pane or screen installed, a storm door can be used to increase the amount of natural light that comes indoors. Leaving the main door open on sunny days lets light pour into the home's entryway, instantly brightening the first part of the home that everyone sees.
Eye-Level Views From Inside
For pets and small children, a storm door provides eye-level views of the world outside. From behind a storm door, pets and children can sit and watch the front yard, sidewalk, and street, and they don't need to climb up on a piece of furniture to see.
While some main front doors have windows built into them, these windows usually don't provide a good view outdoors. To prevent potential burglars from peering in, main doors' windows are often located high up on the doors or glazed so you can't see through them. With a storm door, you can have a view outside while still being able to shut the main door for security when you want to.
Increased Security From Unwanted Intruders
A storm door can help increase security. Storm doors come with locks and they make noise when opened. Their locks and noises aren't impossible for burglars to overcome, and those protections likely won't stop determined intruders from entering. If someone can break through the front door, they'll get through a storm door.
Should anyone try to break in, however, the storm door is one additional barrier. The lock will delay the intruder slightly, and the noise will alert anyone inside of the intruder. In break-ins, knowing of a burglar even a few seconds earlier can make a big difference.
If you want to have a storm door installed on your home so you can enjoy these benefits, contact us at Anderson Door Company.


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